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(Daniel Burger)
The conquest of the Danube region
After the decline of the late Celtic oppidum in Manching, only a few rural settlements are known from around 50–30 BC in the area. When the Roman conquerors advanced from the foothills of the Alps and approached the Danube riverside in AD 15,they  ...mehr
The Roman fort Oberstimm (Daniel Burger)From 1968–1971 the first scientific excavations allowed a detailed analysis of the fort.The recoveryin 1994 of two Roman military patrol boats beneath the market at Oberstimm was a great sensation. Their position made it clear that they were sunk only 50 m  ...mehr
The Roman military boats from Oberstimm(Daniel Burger)The course of the old river Brautlach is today still visible as a depression in the terrain. When a test trench was dig through the depression in 1986, the timbers of the boats came to light. Thanks to the water-logged milieu in the old riverbed  ...mehr

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